Scottsdale Chiropractor Recommends Gentle Applied Kinesiology Treatments

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sufferers of neck and back pain, joint pain, TMJ, carpel tunnel, migraines and a host of other soft tissue problems can benefit from Applied Kinesiology treatments, according to a Scottsdale chiropractor. This three-part chiropractic technique begins with a thorough chiropractic analysis of the patient's entire structural system. The exam includes the jaw, skull, discs, spine, ribs, hips, arms, legs, sternum, shoulders, feet and any other body part that might be impaired.

Scottsdale chiropractor Dr. Dan Secrest, DC, explains, "In the second step of treatment, the chiropractor uses a multitude of biofeedback testing to determine whether a specific body part is in its correct position." Finally, a specially designed adjustment, using an FDA-approved activation device, is used to introduce energy to the body to help realign and remove any undue nerve pressure that the patient may be experiencing.

Dr. Secrest, DC reports that there are times when an attending physician can have trouble locating an injury, because the problem can only be reproduced when the patient is in the same position he/she was in when the injury occurred. For instance, the injury might not present itself if the person is stationary, but the chiropractor can use an "action routine"-- such as throwing a ball for a rotator cuff injury -- to help recreate the position in which the injury occurred and subsequently eliminate the problem.

It is typical for the first time kinesiology patient to report feelings of relaxation and wellbeing as the doctor releases his or her pain, says Dr. Secrest, DC. He reports that is also typical for patients to experience some temporary general muscle soreness the day following treatment, similar to having a good workout at the gym. Dr. Secrest, DC advises patients to become proactive in their treatment processes. "Patients should listen to their bodies. For example, I recommend they get extra sleep if that is what their bodies are telling them."

The chiropractor adds, "Because people travel many different roads throughout their lifetime, the feelings associated with past physical and emotional injuries can present themselves during kinesiology treatments. This is called retracing, and it is a normal part of the healing process." At times, he says, patients may also experience a "cleaning" phenomenon in the form of excess mucus, diarrhea, or other detox symptoms. It is advised that patients hydrate themselves thoroughly, both before and after applied kinesiology treatment, by drinking plenty of water.

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