Elon Musk takes shot at Christie bridge saga on blog

Elon Musk
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Elon Musk has a message for the people of New Jersey: Chris Christie's government is not looking out for you.

The Tesla Motors CEO took to the Internet on Friday to protest New Jersey Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission order to shut down the electric car manufacturer's direct sales in the state, saying the decision was little more that a "backroom deal" that circumvented the legislative process to protect the auto dealerships.

The largely Christie-appointed Motor Vehicle Commission has about as much interest in consumer protection as does the mafia, Musk wrote.

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If you believe otherwise, "Gov. Christie has a bridge closure he wants to sell you!" Musk wrote, referring to the "Bridgegate" scandal involving the governor earlier this year.

The commission referred inquiries to the governor's office, which pointed to a statement earlier this week on Tesla's need to work with the state legislature.

Tesla's Elon Musk writes letter to NJ residents

Auto dealer franchise laws were originally enacted to protect against the aggressive tactics auto companies might use to wrest control of auto dealerships from the franchise owners who had invested so heavily in building them up, Musk said.

They were not intended to keep a company without an existing network of dealers from selling its cars directly to its customers.

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Tesla has never relied on dealer franchises to sell its electric cars, because, Musk said, startup car companies—such as Fisker, Coda, and DeLorean—have had horrible luck working through dealerships.

Musk wrapped up his letter by referring to the polls showing public support for Tesla's direct sales scheme, and said the company will attempt to remove the ban.