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LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NDP Media Corp, the biggest mobile affiliate networks in the world and the biggest App Agency in China, has just secured $15 million from Venture Capitals (VCs). According to an insider, the capital will be used to grow their tech team, expanding their reach into global market as well as R&D based on Big Data.

After devoting their energy and capital to R&D in the Big Data platform for years, they have finally managed to build their own powerful Big Data Platform as well as creating their own cutting-edge real-time tracking and optimization tool, yeahtool.

One of NDP Media Corp's subsidiaries, YeahMobi, now has over 4000+ affiliates, 600+ direct advertisers, 4000+ mobile subscription and app download campaigns and 20million conversions per month. Their offices in the US, Holland, France, Brazil, Japan and China have attracted over 400 elites to join this energetic company. In 2014, YeahMobi will establish more new offices in over 16 countries. With their local team, they will have better reach to advertisers and affiliates and provide their important partners with better service.

FBMagic, another subsidiary of NDP Media, focusing on Facebook Performance Marketing, has been working with almost all of Chinese big game/ APP companies (Kingsoft, Baidu, 91, BOYAA, Changyou, etc) is now growing to one of the Leading Facebook performance Marketing Platform.

The following cases can show you their excellent ability to help their clients expand globally:

  • As one of the most important partner of BOYAA, YeahMobi definitely impressed BOYAA because of the distribution ability. Earlier when Texas Hold'em poker was published, many parallel app filled the app store. Due to the small market share of audiences in gambling games, Texas Hold'em poker could not gain high volume downloads. However, with YeahMobi, Texas Hold'em poker was boosted which lead to the top 5 in the app store in many countries and attracted 968,789 users. (This figure continues to get higher) Downloads exceed 3 million to date.
  • As a star product of WangQin, lots of attention is being paid to WangQin Security as one element of WangQin's globalization project. WangQin choose YeahMobi as their partner. With YeahMobi's outstanding distribution campaign, WangQin received 1,726,542 downloads from YeahMobi (and it is still increasing very fast) and over 10million organic downloads.

Focus on your product, we do the rest best. As the NDPs (Noble dream pursuers, all staffs in NDP Media Corp) put in it, the rapidly growing company are focusing on strengthening their distribution channel by building mobile DSP with DMP based on their own data and by acquiring other assets which have solid distribution ability. One of their important objectives is to be No.1 choice of all global mobile content companies and help their clients to obtain sales, users or leads which will eventually lead to higher profits.

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