Asian users are most 'screen-crazy:' Report

Asia clocks in longest daily screen usage
Asia clocks in longest daily screen usage

A new report from research agency Millward Brown shows that Asia-Pacific users spend more time glued to computer, mobile and television screens than any other region.

A typical user in Asia logs 439 minutes, or over 7 hours, of screen media per day compared with the global average of 417 minutes. Out of those 7 hours, Asians spend nearly 2 hours looking at a second digital screen while watching television.

With the advent of new digital devices, multi-screening – the use of more than one digital screen at the same time – has increasingly become the preferred method to consume news, entertainment and data.

Asian users spend 317 minutes (over 5 hours) every day using different types of screens, just above the 308 minute global average.

Smartphones took the lion's share of screen time, with laptops coming in second.

Heavy screen usage in Indonesia and the Philippines helped the Asia-Pacific region leap ahead of global consumption patterns. The two nations topped the charts in terms of total time spent between screens, especially cellphones, where their daily minutes exceeded the global average.

Noticeably, smartphones dominated screen usage both during the daytime and in the evenings, a time when television usually takes center-stage for most households.

Here are the biggest users of each screen by country:

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