GitHub co-founder responds to harassment allegations: “We have work to do.”


GitHub co-founder Chris Wanstrath announced in a blog post Sunday that the company was launching an investigation after allegations of gender-based "harassment" at the open-source coding platform.

On Friday, Julie Ann Horvath, a prominent engineer who spearheaded women's initiatives at GitHub, took to Twitter to write about the harassment and intimidation she claimed she suffered from leadership at the company.

In a subsequent interview with TechCrunch, Horvath explained why she had resigned, painting a dank picture of systematic gender discrimination, as well as intimidation from one co-founder and his wife. Another engineer, she alleged, had damaged work they'd done together after she rebuffed his romantic advances.

In his response, Wanstrath said the co-founder in question, as well as the engineer, have been put on leave. The founder's wife is no longer allowed in the office.

Read more about the Github situation on Recode.

By Nellie Bowles, Re/

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