LTX-Credence Launches X-Series PAx-ac Tester, Advancing Next Generation Low Cost RF Test

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NORWOOD, Mass., March 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LTX-Credence Corporation (Nasdaq:LTXC), today announced the second generation X-Series PAx test system, the PAx-ac. The PAx-ac is specifically designed to deliver the lowest cost of test for high performance, high volume manufacturing of RF front end mobility devices designed for the 802.11ac 160MHz and LTE Advanced modulation standards.

The PAx-ac test system was developed to address the test challenges presented by the latest generation of advanced front end RF devices used in 4G and 5G applications. This is accomplished by integrating the LTX-Credence Dragon RF sub-system, along with a new higher performance digital option, into the low cost, compact PAx tester infrastructure. This enables the PAx-ac to deliver cost effective, high-volume performance testing of advanced front end RF devices used in applications utilizing WLAN (802.11ac) and LTE-Advanced modulation standards, while providing enhanced capability for testing earlier generation standards such as GSM, Edge CDMA, WCDMA and Bluetooth. The PAx-ac also utilizes new software tools designed specifically for RF power amplifier (PA) and front end module (FEM) device testing which enable accelerated test program development, reducing the time it takes to get a new device to market.

With the introduction of PAx-ac, customers benefit from the following advanced capabilities:

  • Increased UPH (units per hour) with ultra fast settling times, typically less than 1ms
  • Improved source flexibility to develop lower cost configurations and increased multisite
  • Measure frequency extension to 18GHz for harmonic testing
  • 100/200MHz digital test pins for more complex and higher speed digital protocols

The PAx test system, the predecessor to the PAx-ac, is a proven production ready solution with a large installed base at world leading IDMs (Integrated Device Manufacturer) and OSATs (outsourced assembly and test). When all aspects of the cost of test are considered, including accessibility to OSAT test services, PAx, and now the PAx-ac, deliver better economics than PXI or "rack and stack" testers.

"Today's mobile devices are enabling consumers to realize higher data rates through the use of 4G and 5G modulation standards. In order to support these new standards, RF front end devices are requiring new levels of advanced capability and functionality. Working closely with key customers, the PAx-ac has been developed to meet the test requirements of these latest generation standards," commented Steve Wigley, vice president and general manager of the LTX-Credence Semiconductor Test Group. "We have already shipped and released into high volume production PAx-ac systems to leading IDMs of integrated RF PAs and FEMs."

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