Symphony Health Solutions Announces Next Generation Pharmaceutical Market Analytics Tool

HORSHAM, Pa., March 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Symphony Health Solutions, a provider of high-value market research, analytics and technology solutions for life science manufacturers, payers and providers, today introduced PHAST 2.0™, the next generation of its Pharmaceutical Audit Suite (PHAST) online market analytics product. Using the latest technology, PHAST's content, capabilities and productivity have been enhanced to make it one of the fastest, most comprehensive and easiest-to-use solutions for the analysis of pharmaceutical market data.

PHAST 2.0 leverages the industry's largest sample of retail prescription sales data to give brand managers, marketers of generics and financial analysts a cutting-edge business intelligence tool for market research, business development and sales forecasting. The product also provides the fastest monthly refresh of prescription data available on the market today.

In designing PHAST 2.0, Symphony Health Solutions queried current customers to learn how best to enhance the product to better integrate key data elements and the analysis process into daily workflow. As a result, PHAST 2.0 is endowed with a host of new workflow tools, content and metrics including a patient demographics module, an entirely new category of data for PHAST users. Known as PHAST Patient Monthly, this module provides monthly views of the most queried patient metrics and attributes.

"The productivity enhancements to PHAST 2.0 greatly improve workflow and are going to be a huge time saver for our customers," said Don Otterbein, SVP, Product Management & Marketing. "Much of the time-consuming data conversion and visualization that clients have been doing externally to PHAST is now handled effortlessly from within the product."

With PHAST 2.0, customers no longer have to export data to create custom reports replete with graphs and charts. Using a new, easy-to-manage interface, they have access to dynamic visualization tools that allow them to view and present data in a variety of actionable formats, all from within PHAST. The new MS Office Integration feature allows for data to be refreshed in Excel, PowerPoint and Word files without having to login separately to PHAST.

With the new PHAST Visual Insight, users can create customized dashboards keyed to products in their "book of business" to provide at-a-glance visualization of the data and attributes that are most important to them. In addition, they can move reports into a visual editor to create line charts, heat maps, bubble charts and other data representations to help better understand trends. As with all of PHAST's reporting, dashboards are updated automatically with each new refresh of weekly or monthly data.

PHAST 2.0 also features new customizable metrics that aid in the way customers can look at and compare data based on their specific organizational requirements. Clients can create custom calculations that allow them to view data by units of measure and see conversions of interest. The product also affords customers the ability to import sales forecasts to create comparisons against actual data. Users can create alerts and distribute automatically refreshed reports at the same time the new data becomes available, speeding their delivery to decision makers across an organization with considerably less time and effort.

PHAST 2.0 is available immediately as an annual subscription in three levels of increasing power and features: Consumer, Analyst, and Power Analyst. For more information, view the info video or visit the Symphony Health Solutions website at

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