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No such thing as bad publicity: 10 controversial businesses

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Cali Estes, drug recovery coach

Cali Estes deals with drug addicts, but treats them in a nontraditional way. Rather than the usual 12-step process, she specializes in "harm reduction," which allows the addict to taper off a substance rather than quit cold turkey or transition to a legal but still addictive substitute, such as methadone. She said that others in the recovery industry don't appreciate her unorthodox approach.

"People in this industry are very pro-12-step and very cliquey," she said. "If you don't agree with them, they like to argue and tell you why they are so much better than you at helping someone get sober. They also expect you to work for free. I don't find value in free." She wouldn't disclose any numbers, but when asked if her business is profitable, she answered simply. "Yes, very."

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