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STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DSPanel, a leading provider of office-based Enterprise Performance Management software, proudly announces the release of pcFinancials v3 - the revolutionary, disruptive tool for Enterprise Performance Management.
pcFinancials v3 is a powerful tool that gives managers a simple overview of the entire system without taking precious time away from core business. It allows its users to streamline finance work to drive continuous process improvement.

With the latest version of pcFinancials, users can be guaranteed of full control without having to worry about the web of technicalities underneath and in between sheets.
pcFinancials v3 offers more advantages including:

  1. Unified platform – pcFinancials offers a single tool with full range of capabilities. No more unnecessary use of multiple systems as pcFinancials offers a single, truly unified software with only one reliable version of the result.
  2. Tightened security – a more secure enterprise security down to field level is in place for a more rigid security.
  3. Enhanced Built-in intelligence- pcFinancials has an enhanced built-in financial intelligence that allows any business to use a formula or rule most applicable to their financial data.
  4. Mobile device-enabled – pcFinancials now empowers users to have data right at the tip of their fingertips wherever and whenever they want to!
  5. Quick ownership – Users can now take full control and ownership in no time! pcFinancials prides itself with ease of use even to someone who has no technical expertise.

"Once you start using it, it´s very easy and logical to use. We could definitely quantify DSPanel´s solution as being very good value for money. It is actually better than what we expected. " – Margus Lutsoja, Group Chief Accountant, Gunvor Group

"With the new release of pcFinancials v3, our vision of providing planning, analytics, and performance management tools that enable all business users' valuable insights move forward. We will continue to improve so managers can continually gain more power of their data and capitalize on every opportunity." – Herve Carpo, CTO at DSPanel

About DSPanel AB

DSPanel AB is one of the market´s leading providers of Microsoft office-based Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence software. DSPanel offers a series of Performance Canvas products such as pcFinancials tailored to varying planning, reporting, budgeting, forecasting, analysis, and consolidation needs to enhance corporate performance.

DSPanel AB caters to customers across different continents from mid-sized to large global companies with huge responsibilities. For more information, please email us at info@dspanel.com.


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