MRC Merchants Averaged Less Revenue Loss Due to Fraud Than Non-Members

SEATTLE, March 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The MRC today announced the preliminary results of their 2014 Global Fraud Survey. As a whole, MRC members experienced on average 44 percent less revenue loss due to fraud in the last five years, compared to non-members.

"Our merchants are at the forefront of ecommerce payments and fraud, with the consumer experience top of mind," said Joe O'Konek, chief executive officer of the MRC. "We are glad to learn, once again, that MRC members experience less revenue loss due to fraud than non-members. As we continue to strive to make ecommerce safe and profitable everywhere, our number one goal is to provide quality products and services to the merchant community."

Initial results were presented this morning at MRC's 2014 eCommerce Payments and Risk Conference, with final results scheduled to be released at MRC's European Congress, 14-16 May in Paris, France.

The Global Fraud Survey was conducted in partnership with CyberSource, one of the association's leading providers of ecommerce payments and risk solutions.

ABOUT THE MRC: The MRC is the foremost global not for profit organization that fully supports and promotes operational excellence for fraud, payments and risk professionals within ecommerce. Membership includes nearly 400 of the world's most prominent merchants more than 60 category leading solution providers. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the MRC's European office is located in Madrid, Spain. Learn more at

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