Start-up equity pep rally: We need a 'Rosa Parks moment'

Nellie Bowles
Chris Zaharias
Source: Chris Zaharias | Twitter

Chris Zaharias, founder of start-up SearchQuant, paced the stage at a recent rally in Palo Alto, Calif., barely able to contain his rage, with a clear message for the audience of 200 frustrated workers.

He called for nothing less than a collective uprising, which he said would need a "Rosa Parks moment."

"Stocks are the only way engineers can get rich and retire. Remember that," Zaharias said. "To live here in Palo Alto, you need about $1 million in equity gains. And given that only one in five start-ups are going to amount to something, you need to get that to happen."

Held last weekend at Palo Alto High School, serial start-up employee Zaharias whipped the crowd of tech workers at the first Startup Employee Equity rally into an indignant unity.

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