A Revolutionary Project in the Production of Lipids Via By-Product of the Biodiesel or Ethanol Production

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WILMINGTON, Del. and OTTAWA, March 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Purthanol Resources Ltd (OTCQB:PURT) is pleased to announce that the productions of lipids with yeast or fungi are cultivated in fermentors as an oil source for biodiesel. The work demonstrates a clear advantage of this method compared to culture microalgae in Photo-bioreactor. Oleaginous yeast and fungi were isolated and tested to produce lipids. A high lipid content (> 50% w / w biomass) was observed. So we went from autotrophic production bioreactors to heterotrophic production fermenters.

Another unexpected benefit of this technology is that this production system uses crude glycerol by product of biodiesel production or sweet water by product of Purthanol Resources ethanol production as a carbon source.

The basis of this project is the use of by-product of the biodiesel or ethanol production (glycerol or sweet water) as a feedstock for the growth of yeasts and fungi. The value of these products are firstly that it contains carbon and, secondly that there are by-product production of biodiesel or ethanol.

The president of Biocardel Quebec Inc, Mr. Rene Delarue is very excited with the pre-industrial results. "We have a new and unique source of oil that will enable us at Purthanol the freedom of choice between used vegetable oil, cultivated plant oil and lipids." A full operating plant will be set up in the next 12 months. This industrial plant will have production capability of 10 million liters of oil derived from lipids via glycerol or sweet water.

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