Novo Nordisk A/S: Resolutions from the Annual General Meeting

BAGSVAERD, Denmark, March 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Novo Nordisk A/S held its Annual General Meeting, at which the following were adopted:

Financial year 2013 and 2014

  • The Company's audited Annual Report 2013.
  • The remuneration of the Board of Directors for 2013 and the level for 2014.
  • Distribution of profit according to the adopted Annual Report 2013. The dividend will be DKK 4.50 per A and B share of DKK 0.20.


  • Re-election of Göran Ando as chairman and Jeppe Christiansen as vice chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Re-election of Bruno Angelici, Liz Hewitt, Thomas Paul Koestler and Hannu - Ryöppönen as members of the Board of Directors.
  • Election of Helge Lund as new member of the Board of Directors.
  • Re-election of PricewaterhouseCoopers Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab as the Company's auditor.

Shares and capital

  • Reduction of the Company's B share capital by cancellation of part of the Company's own holding of B shares. The Company's B shares are reduced by DKK 20,000,000 from DKK 442,512,800 to DKK 422,512,800.
  • Authorisation to the Board of Directors until the next Annual General Meeting to allow the Company to repurchase own shares of up to 10% of the share capital subject to a holding limit of 10% of the share capital.


  • Donation to the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) of an amount up to a total of DKK 654 million to be granted from the financial year 2015 through to the financial year 2024.
  • Amendments to the Articles of Association allowing Annual Reports, General Meetings and related documents to be in English.
  • Approval of revised Remuneration Principles

Further information

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Company announcement No 17 / 2014


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