Shore Development & Construction Announces Medient Studioplex Development and Construction Contract

CHARLESTON, S.C., March 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shore Development and Construction, LLC, announced today that it has been engaged by Medient Studios (OTCQB:MDNT) and contracted as the construction manager for the Medient Studioplex, located in Effingham County, Georgia.

The project, which will be composed of four phases, includes: 2 million square feet of sound studio, offices, outdoor entertainment venues and onsite lodging and housing. Upon its completion, the project will include the largest soundstage in the world. Medient has a 20-year lease on the 1,560-acre property, with an option to purchase for $100 at the end of the term.

"We look forward to working with Manu and his team to create a truly sustainable live-work community," said Jeremy Blackburn, President of Shore Development and Construction, as well as CEO of Titan Atlas Global. He added, "Medient has significant commitments from production and film companies from around the world who are anxious to take advantage of not only the attractive film and entertainment business climate in Georgia, but in particular the Medient Studioplex, which will be the most technologically advanced studio ever built."

Shore Development and Construction, LLC, brings a wealth of talent and global experience in development and construction, as well as the ability to utilize Titan Atlas Global as the manufacturer for green, sustainable construction products. Medient's choice to use a vertically-integrated construction partner and manufacturer with an in-house architecture and design team will prove beneficial not only for the speed and efficiency of development and construction, but should also result in significant cost savings throughout the entire design build process.

This project will mean additional job growth in both South Carolina and Georgia. Shore will look to hire Georgia construction contractors, in addition to its own employees, and will be adding additional employees in Georgia. Titan Atlas Global will add additional employees for the production of the materials to be delivered to the site. This will further deliver upon the promises from Medient to increase job growth in the region.

Titan Atlas Global, LLC, and Shore Development and Construction, LLC, are privately held corporations located at 4280 Pace Street North Charleston, S.C.

About Medient Studios Medient Studios, Inc. (OTCQB:MDNT) ('Medient') ( is an entertainment content creation company with a strong presence in North America, Europe and India. Medient's management team has approximately 150 years of experience in the motion picture industry and is responsible for producing and/or financing over 250 movies. Medient is realigning the content creation process to enable efficiencies of scale and eliminate process waste by building a fully integrated movie and electronic game production facility as part of its Studioplex on a 1,550-acre property in Effingham County, Georgia. Once operational this production facility will be the largest of its kind in the United States.

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