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ATLANTA, March 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adapt IP Ventures, LLC announces new intellectual property (IP) for sale with extensive applicability to web content personalization and marketing automation technologies. Previously developed and owned by 7 Billion People, Inc. (7BP), the IP, now owned by Enviso Capital, LLC, includes patents to allow eCommerce companies to dynamically personalize and optimize a customer's online or offline web experiences and marketing by leveraging behavioral data analysis.

The patented technology uses customer data, behaviors and preferences to create a behavioral "portrait" that reveals "how and why" a customer makes decisions. The behavioral portraits allow companies to drive real-time and instant customizations of all communication opportunities to that customer, including website, email, marketing, sales and customer service.

"Marketing technology really ignited in 2013 after advertising technology companies like Rocket Fuel and Criteo found quick success in the public markets. With U.S. digital ad spending expected to grow to more than $40 billion this year, the race is on to innovate by using big data and analytics to automate targeting and web personalization functions for advertisers and marketers," says Jeffrey Laberge, Principal at Enviso Capital, LLC. "We believe now is the time to take these assets to market as the 7BP technology transcends across many segments and into the enterprise to truly transform processes and tools used by today's marketers."

Summary of assets for sale in the IP offering:

  • 2 issued US patents and 1 patent allowed by the USPTO with the issue fee paid
  • 4 pending US patent applications
  • Over 160,000 lines of code
  • Web domain, URLs and multiple product trademarks

"Enviso Capital has been working diligently to build this patent portfolio to address the importance of data-driven personalization of web experiences and content, which has proven results and dramatic increases in lead conversion rates and customer loyalty," says Grant Moss, Founder and President of Adapt IP Ventures. "Marketing automation vendors or companies that offer or utilize web analytics and personalization technologies should be interested in acquiring these patents, or even broader enterprise vendors emphasizing marketing."

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