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CHICAGO, March 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yesmail Interactive announced today the release of Distributed Email Template Manager as part of its ongoing pursuit to bring enhanced solution capabilities to its clients.

Distributed Email Template Manager, the latest innovation from Yesmail, Yes Lifecycle Marketing's email marketing solutions provider, allows a brand manager to create scalable, pre-defined templates for their regional distribution networks to drive relevant communications to local audiences. This helps maintain brand integrity, while staying within the marketing and sales guidelines.

Distributed Email Template Manager gives brands the ability to establish content guidelines, i.e. header, footer, etc., and then define editable content within the email templates for regional team use. The brand manager then has the ability to review the content before deployment, which gives them better control of campaign execution. Distributed Email Template Manager also empowers regional teams (field offices, agents, reps, local stores, franchise owners) to build contact strategies based on valuable insights and information on the ground and, in turn, message their customers the right content, at the right time, within the set guidelines of the brand.

"Organizations are increasingly placing value on brand consistency in distributed marketing environments, while still allowing a degree of local autonomy," said Dan Hall, vp product & technology, Yesmail Interactive. "Our Distributed Email Template Manager provides a level of control to brand managers that gives them a clean, simplified interface for brand agents, area managers, franchises, and others to personally communicate with their customers."

The Distributed Email Template Manager gives clients:

  • Corporate brand governance
  • Autonomy at a local level
  • Streamlined distributed email templates
  • Approval workflow of all content before deployment
  • Customizable content that is embedded into client applications
  • A stand alone application offering a simplified interface for regional team use
  • Ability to drive more relevant communication to local audiences

"We immerse ourselves in our clients' business," said Michael Fisher, president, Yes Lifecycle Marketing. "As such, we take great pride in working to answer the needs of our clients by bringing them new solution capabilities that elevate their marketing strategies."

With Distributed Email Template Manager, clients who have a distributed marketing model can use this tool to provide email marketing abilities to the local teams, yet have complete oversight into the campaign execution process, while managing the brand and approved content at a corporate level.

For more information about Distributed Email Template Manager, please click here.

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