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DES MOINES, Iowa, March 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DomiKnow® (OTC:DMNO), a vibrant and expanding publicly traded digital marketing firm, is set to unveil its latest technological achievement, "Domilytics".

The proprietary DomiKnow® platform – a proprietary database of 350 million records and 400 fields of socio-economic information combined with proprietary technology developed and owned by DomiKnow®– has undergone a major transformation called "Domilytics" offering an automated, seamless integration of its digital marketing platform with social media hubs such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

"This new, proprietary technology provides 'two-way communications' between our platform and major social media platforms," said DomiKnow® CEO John R. Stokka. "We're able to provide small businesses with unmatched digital marketing solutions by mining demographics and consumer behavioral patterns and tendencies. We continue to level the playing field for small businesses and their 'big box' competitors."

Developed by DomiKnow® digital programmers, the company has been testing the new technology since the beginning of the year, and plans to fully implement the new "Domilytics" program with customers during the upcoming second quarter. With this new technology, DomiKnow® marketing managers will be able to see "real time" results and impact of their various digital marketing campaigns, giving them the information they need to make key adjustments to their marketing strategies and enhancing the effectiveness of services to their clients.

"Our customers are small businesses, without the volume of resources to retain large marketing firms to conduct focus groups, do in-depth consumer research, or waste money on an ad campaign that may not work," said Stokka. "'Domilytics' will provide immediate feedback so we can adjust marketing campaigns quickly and continue to maximize the impact of social media for our clients."

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DomiKnow® (OTC:DMNO), is a multichannel marketing firm based in Des Moines, Iowa dedicated to bringing big-time marketing to small business. DomiKnow's® experts in digital marketing use its proprietary database of 350 million emails and 400 fields of data to create hyper-targeted email, social media, and website communications that generate customers for local businesses. For more information, visit and and

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