SanDisk boosts storage tech offerings

It's no surprise that SanDisk, which already has a good reputation in storage tech, is aiming to take it up a notch with its new Clip Sport MP3 player, 128 GB microSD card and Ultra Dual USB Drive.

The Clip Sport is a small MP3 player with a built-in clip that is designed to connect to the user's clothing. It has a 1.44-inch color LCD screen and can support multiple-file formats including MP3, WAV and WMA, according to the company.

That item, which goes for about $69.99 depending on storage capacity, is available with 4 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB of internal storage and has an integrated FM tuner so that a user can listen to their favorite radio station while they workout.

Although, SanDisk's Clip Sport is aimed at athletes and gym rats, it will always have to compete with the Apple iPod.

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Shoppers who prefer SanDisk's storage devices have a few options, too.

The new SanDisk microSD card has a 128 GB capacity for those with mobile phones and tablets that are overloaded with photos, apps and videos. However, for a hefty $200, the memory card is only available for Android devices.

Another storage option is the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive, which offers up to 64 GB of storage along with a full-size and microsize USB connection.

That drive, for about $49.99 depending on storage size, is also only intended for Android users but can work with both Mac and Windows on the desktop side.

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro.