Premier Family Chiropractic Announces Spring Weight Loss Cleanse Program

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., March 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Premier Family Chiropractic announced that the chiropractic center is offering a spring weight loss program. The program features a gentle, all-natural detox cleanse that incorporates dietary aid supplements Nano Greens10, NanoProPRP and NanOmega3. Brentwood chiropractor Dr. Quinn W. Uzelman, DC provides an initial health evaluation and then customized dietary recommendations for patients. According to the Brentwood chiropractor, the program helps patients achieve their weight loss goals by supporting whole body health from the inside out.

The Brentwood chiropractic care team announced a new spring weight loss program to help patients get in shape for swimsuit season. The program integrates an all-natural detox cleanse with dietary supplements.

Brentwood chiropractor Dr. Quinn W. Uzelman stressed that the program is not a fad diet, but part of a long-term lifestyle change to help patients lose weight and keep the pounds off.

"Everyone wants to look great when swimsuit season rolls around," said Dr. Uzelman. "However, weight loss does not just happen overnight. In fact, 'lose weight quick' programs can actually backfire, and ultimately lead to weight gain. Our springtime weight loss program works because it helps patients lose weight by making long-term lifestyle changes."

Program participants will begin with a gentle detox cleanse. The cleanse is designed to rid the body of toxins that accumulate in the organs. Dr. Uzelman warns that processed foods are packed with additives, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors, which degrade food quality and accumulate within the body as toxins.

"A gentle cleanse is a safe and effective way to rid the body of built-up toxins and kick-start the metabolism for sustained weight loss," said Dr. Uzelman. "Following this detox, we offer several natural supplements that will boost nutrient intake."

The Brentwood chiropractor recommends the NanoGreens, NanoPro and NanOmega supplements. According to Dr. Uzelman, these supplements are specially formulated to help increase the intake of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and omega fatty acids.

"Studies show that these nutrients protect the body against cancer, improve memory and bone health, and relieve chronic pain," said Dr. Uzelman. "The supplements are part of our 'Revolutionary Nutrition' program, which truly transforms a patient's diet from the inside out."

The Revolutionary Nutrition program helps patients slowly integrate whole foods into their diet, replacing unhealthy dietary habits with a long-term lifestyle change.

"With our Revolutionary Nutrition program, patients not only look great in a swimsuit, they are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases and pain. It's a whole new lease on life," said Dr. Uzelman.

Premier Family Chiropractic is a family wellness center for natural healing. In addition to weight loss and nutritional counseling, Dr. Uzelman and his chiropractic care team offer spinal adjustments, massage therapy, and natural allergy treatments. To learn more about the services or to enroll in the springtime weight loss program, patients are encouraged to call the clinic.

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