Jumio and Sift Science Named 2014 METAward Winners

SEATTLE, March 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The MRC has announced the winners of the 2014 METAwards. Jumio, a leader in next generation payments utilizing proprietary computer vision technology to reduce mobile payment friction and ID fraud, won the vote in the established category. Whilst Sift Science, a pioneer in fighting fraud with real time machine learning, was recognized in the start-up category.

"This coveted industry award embodies MRC's vision to make commerce safe and profitable everywhere," said Joe O'Konek MRC's chief executive officer. "We commend Jumio for their Netswipe and Netverify technology, and Sift Science for their automated, real time, large-scale machine learning solution. Both provide merchants with tools to minimize fraud and maximize payments."

The annual MRC Emerging Technology Awards, also known as the METAwards, recognize leadership and innovation in ecommerce payments and fraud. Finalists were selected by an anonymous panel of global merchants and each presented on 20 March during MRC's 2014 eCommerce Payments and Risk Conference in Las Vegas. Winners were selected by a live audience vote.

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