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Innocent tech investors whipsawed, unexpectedly

If you're holding certain tech stocks, you could be in for an unexpected wild ride but not because of some major new invention or life changing discovery.

Jim Cramer says the potential of jarring price action is directly related to the frenzy surrounding certain IPOs.


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"Big money is piling into some of these to take advantage of what they expect to be big gains," Cramer said. "But that money has to come from somewhere."

After digging down into the market and examining flows, Cramer is convinced money managers are funding their IPO investments by selling tech as well as biotech. "Firms that chase these kinds of momentum IPOs tend to be involved in both groups," he noted.

Although Cramer believes the phenomenon will end (and he fears it could end very badly when it does end) for the time being it shows no signs of stopping.

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Therefore with some major new IPOs on the horizon, if you hold technology stocks, Cramer wants you to be prepared. They could swoon, unexpectedly.

"As long as big money senses that there are rabid buyers for certain IPOs I would expect to see more selling pressure in other areas of the market. Hedge funds are looking for a pop, and, even if the opportunity is outrageous, the money has to come from somewhere.

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