Photo Mambo Introduces a Simple Solution for Sharing Digital Photos Privately with Family

Palo Alto, CA, March 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Photo Mambo announced a new photo sharing app that transforms a loved one's computer, iPad or iPhone into a digital picture frame that updates automatically each time a photo is shared. Photo Mambo allows family and close friends to stay connected by sharing photos in a private format that encourages lasting viewability.

"There are so many ways to share photos online," says Deb Whitman, CEO of Photo Mambo, "Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat--the list goes on. But these services are inherently transient; you see the pictures one time, but rarely do they make it into regular rotation. It's the digital equivalent of stuffing pictures into shoeboxes, where they're rarely seen again. We wanted to provide a solution that allowed people to share photos privately with their families in a format that effortlessly keeps important pictures front-and-center to be enjoyed again and again. Photo Mambo makes this possible by turning any computer, iPhone or iPad into a digital frame."

With Photo Mambo, there's no need to download photos from email or social media sites and then copy them into a digital frame. Photos are automatically updated within the app, so they just pop into the Frame to be enjoyed today or next week--or as long as you want them in rotation.

Photo Mambo is also completely private: users hand-select the people they share with, which is ideal for parents who may not want to post lots of pictures of their kids in a semi-public setting. Additionally, high quality digital copies are automatically delivered to selected family and friends, so they have copies for their own archives and photo projects without tediously downloading each image.

Photo Mambo is easy enough for anyone to use. You can take full advantage of its features in five simple steps:

Share pictures via Photo Mambo - Select photos, pick a frame and then choose which contacts to send to.

Family and friends receive a Photo Mambo Frame filled with your pictures - Recipients will be prompted to download a small app in order to view the photos and receive digital copies to keep.

They enjoy your photos day after day - iPads and iPhones become digital pictures frames with rotating photos. Computers display the photos in both a digital frame and screensaver, for frequent viewing.

When you next send photos, they appear in the Frame - The Photo Mambo Frame automatically updates with new pics, effortlessly keeping the family up-to-date.

Invite others to send pictures to anyone's Photo Mambo Frame - You can hand-pick others who can share photos to a particular frame, so multiple family members can share memories.

Now, Grandma's iPad becomes a brag-book that automatically updates each time you send pictures. And the family's desktop computer screen becomes a fresh, auto-updating, beautiful digital frame. A Photo Mambo Frame is the perfect digital gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents' Day or any family birthday.


Photo Mambo is an on-screen digital picture frame you send to loved ones. The frame installs on their computer, iPad, or iPhone and displays your photos in rotation. Unlike other photo sharing solutions, Photo Mambo allows close friends and family to enjoy photos again and again in a private format that refreshes automatically each time a new photo is added. Follow Photo Mambo at or Find out more at

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