San Franciscans think Google buses are swell, so problem solved?

James Temple
Google employees board a bus in San Francisco for the company's campus in Mountain View.
David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

You might have read here or here or here or here or here how San Franciscans are furious about those entitled techies riding around in cushy corporate shuttles, glaring down at the unwashed public transit-riding masses from behind their tinted windows and Google Glasses.

Protesters in December between an Apple bus and a Google bus.
Atmosphere tense at a Google bus stop in San Francisco

So get this. The Bay Area Council sponsored a survey of 500 city residents and found that actually:

  • 72 percent had either strongly or somewhat favorable views of tech workers.
  • 57 percent had strongly or somewhat favorable views of employee shuttle buses.
  • 67 percent supported "allowing employee shuttle buses to pick up and drop off passengers at a limited number" of bus stops.

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