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GREENSBORO, N.C., March 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prophecy Healthcare®, Inc., the leading provider of validated online healthcare hiring assessments, today announces Prophecy Prep, a new line of specialty specific online clinical practice tests further positioning Prophecy as the most comprehensive option for online healthcare competency assessments. Clinicians have gained an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the testing platform, while identifying knowledge domains warranting self-guided review prior to completing full-length validated competency exams requested by their potential or current employer.

"Test-takers have been reaching out to us with their testing anxiety concerns, and we listened," said Ron Gonzalez, MS BSN, Founder and CEO of Prophecy. "Prophecy Prep not only allows test-takers to familiarize themselves with the testing process, but additionally provides targeted feedback based on their performance. The substantial exam content suggests specialty skills to brush up on in order to provide the highest level of safe and effective bedside care."

The Prophecy Prep exam library currently includes the following specialties: RN Medical/Surgical, RN Intensive Care Unit, and RN Emergency Room. At the price of just $10 each, the Prophecy Prep assessments are comprised of 30 test items covering the same clinical knowledge domains as the full-length Prophecy Assessments. They follow the same layout and design as Prophecy's extensive exam library of online validated healthcare competency exams. Once completed, test-takers are able to review missed questions, providing suggested topics for remediation. New specialties will continue to be added with Radiation Technology being the first addition scheduled for April 2014.

Although these assessments are not validated to be used in the pre-hire decision making capacity, caregivers can use them to gauge how they will score on the validated competency assessments requested as part of a pre-employment process. The use of the scores obtained on a Prophecy Prep assessment in a hiring capacity would leave a staffing agency or facility open to adverse impact claims. For this reason, staffing agencies and facilities will continue using Prophecy's validated assessments, that follow the Department of Labor guidelines for employee selection procedures which contain their own unique, legally defensible pass/fail score based on the assessment difficulty. Using arbitrary pass/fail cutoff scores, such as 80%, without being able to demonstrate it's statistical relationship to the difficulty of the exam, results in the inability to defend such score in discriminatory litigation or audit under the OFCCP.

"We foresee clients realizing tangible benefits from Prophecy Prep alongside their clinicians," said Melissa Spangler MBA, Vice President of Client Experiences. "In addition to reduced test completion times and a reduced number of re-test submissions, clients can recommend Prophecy Prep exams as a prerequisite to extending a re-test opportunity to clinicians who were unsuccessful in their initial attempt on a full-length validated assessment. Since the industry standard is allowing two testing attempts, having an intermittent Prophecy Prep exam preserves the re-test option for when the clinician has exhausted all available remediation tools, further distinguishing those clinicians willing to put forth extra effort to prove their clinical competence."

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