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4 megadeals that change the game

Your guide to understanding 4 mega-deals

With the pace of mergers and acquisitions showing no signs of slowing down, megadeals like Facebook's recent $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp and last year's Warren Buffett-led buyout of Heinz for $23 billion are popping up across all industries.

In a Thomson Reuters analysis of announced transactions in the first quarter of 2014, M&A activity totaled $361 billion in the U.S. That's up 62 percent from last year, and the strongest year-to-date period of deal-making since 2007.

In the above video, CNBC analyzes four deals—from tech to ketchup to airlines to cable TV—and the important questions they raise for consumers, regulators and shareholders.

The Facebook deal closely followed CNBC-parent Comcast's $69.3 billion deal for Time Warner Cable.