How Every Entrepreneur Can Make Sure Their Children Are Being the Best They Can Be?

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NEW YORK, March 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jimmy Newson, director and filmmaker, set out to get feedback from Entrepreneurs in every industry and area. Armed with his film crew, he got feedback from individuals on the street in Times Square, NYC. Now Jimmy has asked questions about how entrepreneurial parents teach and motivate their children to follow in their entrepreneurial footsteps.

Mr. Newson learned that children of business owners have a sense of drive and work ethic. They see how hard their parents work to succeed, so they also want to succeed and make their parents proud of them. Children of all ages can be groomed to become entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneur and Mom Deborah Watters Adams comments on parenting, "Parent intentionally. Children are capable of far more than expected and they absorb learning like a sponge. Let them observe the way you work and interact with clients and staff, and be their roll model. In addition, be aware of the kinds of media and electronic inputs your kids are receiving. What could you do to make time for free unstructured play, creativity, helping others, wonderful books or music? Never underestimate the power of daily practice. Even a few minutes a day spent on something worthwhile with your children will add up to building character by the end of a year." Katherine and Isabelle Adams, the children of Ken and Deborah Adams, created Paper For Water. Paper For Water's primary mission is to bring water and the word to the thirsty one piece of paper at a time.

Now at Day 14 of his online video 14-Day Global-Touch Crusade, can Jimmy make it to Late Night TV with his message of creating a documentary film called "A Billion Entrepreneurs?" Find out at; only you the sole entrepreneur can make it happen.

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Jimmy Newson, CEO of JLN Media, produces professional videos for small, medium and large businesses, corporations, organizations and private clientele that seek to expand their brand and business revenues. He is the founder of a universal movement called "The 14-Day Global-Touch Campaign" for entrepreneurs in every industry and country and is producing daily videos on, to promote his film "A Billion Entrepreneurs" on Late Night TV. Learn more at

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