Wireless industry study finds TV stations can share channels

Dianne Avery Photography | Flickr Open | Getty Images

Television stations can successfully share the same digital channel, according to a new report on a recent channel-sharing experiment designed to help broadcasters decide whether to sell airwaves during an upcoming auction.

Two Los Angeles-area television stations recently agreed to help the wireless industry test the feasibility and limitations of channel sharing. KLCS-TV, a Public Broadcasting Service station in Los Angeles, and KJLA, a Spanish-language affiliate of the LATV Network, agreed to participate in the trial.

Federal Communications Commission officials want broadcasters to give up some or all of their airwaves for an upcoming auction in exchange for an undetermined payment from the government. If they can find a local partner, they could potentially air their programs on digital streams using the same channel.

Re/code has the whole story.

By Amy Shatz, Re/code.net.

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