Introducing the 2014 Little People from the Cabbage Patch

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CLEVELAND, Ga., March 31, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Now that we have the winter vortex behind us, Mother Cabbage is warm again and ready to deliver in 2014.

Introducing the 2014 Little People

The big news this year is that we are going to go back to our origins and will once again refer to all Kids and babies hand-stitched-to-birth in Cleveland, Georgia as "Little People" to set them apart from all other Cabbage Patch Kids. Our Exclusive Kids and Babies as well as the licensed toy product will continue to be referred to simply as Cabbage Patch Kids.

For more than 35 years Original Appalachian Artworks has continuously delivered one of a kind works of individual soft sculpture art to the public. In order to emphasize the special and truly unique nature of these "born in the USA" kids and babies, Xavier Roberts, artist and creator, has encouraged us to better communicate their specialness by utilizing the original Little People name, creating a single annual "Edition", and by creating a more formal set of papers to provide a documented provenance for each individual work of art.

No two are ever "born" exactly alike, and we no longer deliver and dress any groups of them identically, there is no need to segment them into "named editions". Beginning again in 2014 just as it began in 1978, there will only be one "Edition" of Little People per year. Within the annual Edition, we will continue to identify special groupings or collections as we have in the past through the coding of the registration numbers on the body tag and corresponding papers.

Share the history and collectability of the Little People and Cabbage Patch Kids with collectors at their annual Spring Event, April 28 through May 3, 2014, at BabyLand General Hospital, home of the Cabbage Patch Kids and Little People. The event theme is Pirates of Cabbage Patch. Begin learning the history of our adoptable babies through the art of storytelling and fun experiences to pass to our next generation of parents. Always believe you can never "Dream Too Big".

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CONTACT: Margaret H. McLean Director of Communications Cabbage Patch Kids/BabyLand General Hospital 300 NOK Dr., Cleveland, GA 30528 706-865-2171, Ext. 241

Source: Cabbage Patch Kids (Original Appalachian Artworks)