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Opening day! 3 reasons tech can lure younger fans

Baseball's opening day

With the opening of the 2014 major league baseball season, the World Series champion Boston Red Sox are looking to appeal to younger fans at the ballpark with technology.

For Friday's home opener at Fenway, the club will be launching a companion experience on mobile devices for those at the game—partnering with interactive marketing firm SapientNitro.

Other teams and sport venues are also using tech to lure fans.

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Bill Kanarick, chief marketing officer at SapientNitro, told CNBC that the company will be exploring a "range of things from wearables to sensors" to improve location-based activity in the stadium. "Preserving the rich tradition of being a spectator at a live event, while enriching the live experience with a digital one, will ensure there is no substitute for being in the stadium."

Red Sox EVP/COO Sam Kennedy said the team hopes this digital partnership will help them identify ways to better engage the next generation of fans. "We know new technologies will enable us to provide better customer service, but what's more important, and something we hope Sapient will help us do, is understanding how to connect young fans with baseball and develop a love of the game at a young age."

The new digital package will not add to the ticket prices.

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In this video, Kanarick and Fenway Sports Group Managing Director Mark Lev give their three reasons for spicing up the game to bring fans closer to the action on the field.

Some of the initial digital offerings at the ballpark would range from easy navigation to seats, identifying the shortest concession and bathroom lines to providing specific historical information about the ballpark based on the fan's location.

Kanarick said that fans want to be as close to the game as possible so biometric devices are being considered. Sapient worked with the ESPN X-Games, where fans were able to see the action from the vantage point of the athlete. The "X-Games Hype Meter" provided real-time, at-event social and mobile buzz to measure and rate the "hype" around each moment of X Games on a score from 1 to 100.

The Sapient partnership extends beyond the Red Sox to other Fenway Sports properties, including English soccer powerhouse Liverpool Football, Rousch Fenway Racing, the New England Sports Network and Fenway Sports Management.