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Stock with accelerated dividend growth potential

If you're looking for an energy play, Jim Cramer thinks this stock belongs on your radar.

It's Enbridge, Canada's largest transporter of crude oil.

Cramer's enthusiasm stems from the company's plans to actively expand its pipelines in Canada's oil sands as well as the Bakken shale.

"Over the next two years, has $18 billion worth of growth and expansion projects," Cramer said. "It's probably twice as many projects as rivals."

Not only does that kind of aggressive growth set Enbridge apart from almost every other pipeline play, Cramer thinks it could also drive buyers to the stock.

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That alone seems bullish. However, there's more to this play. CEO Al Monaco says capital could be returned to shareholders in the form of increased dividends.

"We're looking at EPS growth on average of 10-12% annually. Currently, we think we can keep dividend growth at the same pace as EPS growth. But with so many projects there's the potential to accelerate dividend growth," Monaco said during an interview on "Mad Money".

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"You know I'm a big believer in the North American oil and gas renaissance. This is one of those long-term themes that can make you big money year after year if you know how to play it," said Cramer

"We've found so much new oil in this country that we have a tremendous shortage of pipeline capacity. That means pipeline operators with the capital to build out new pipe face long-term growth opportunity."

And Cramer thinks few companies are leveraging the opportunity better than Enbridge.

"I like it better than most any pipeline company out there," he said. "The stock has generated a 13.9% gain since I last spoke with the CEO six months ago, and I think it could have more room to run."

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