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Deepak Chopra's 'secret' to making money

Deepak Chopra's secret to making money
Deepak Chopra's secret to making money

To have a bright financial future, you need to start focusing on your financial health. April is National Financial Literacy Month and a great time to make this a top priority. Physician, educator and best-selling author Dr. Deepak Chopra says the road to wealth must include a holistic approach to wellness and emotional health.

The "secret" to making money, he said, is knowing the difference between money and wealth.

"Money is a symbol; wealth is a state of awareness that allows you to tap into your inner creativity in order to fulfill a need that somebody else has. So that's the first thing," said Dr. Chopra.

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Then, if you're passionate about your work or business, make sure someone has a need for it. "Figure out your passion, and then figure out how you can collect and join with people who want what you have to give them," he said.

Finally, he claimed that investing in the stock market can be counterproductive for some who aim to build wealth. "People bet on money in the stock market—they're getting all unhealthy, stressed out," he said. "Recognize that the purpose of money is to enjoy life and have good experiences and not use money to make money ... to make money ... to make money."

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Instead, one should focus on their unique passion and talents. By using your entrepreneurial skills, you can often achieve success and wealth.

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