StorageDNA Introduces DNA Evolution 3.5 With Built-in MAM, Conform and Direct LTO Workflows

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IRVINE, Calif., April 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StorageDNA, Inc., a leader in intelligent nearline and archive workflow solutions for media professionals, will feature the latest version of its LTO LTFS archive and MAM solution, DNA Evolution™ at the 2014 NAB Show in StorageDNA's booth SL10621. DNA Evolution 3.5 is a groundbreaking media archive and media asset manager (MAM) workflow solution that helps build a more cost-effective, accessible, searchable, and secure archive that is easy to scale. Built on Linear Tape-Open with Linear Tape File System (LTO LTFS) technology, it delivers the fastest data movement, search, restore, and access of digital file-based content.

In addition to demonstrating version 3.5 of DNA Evolution at the 2014 NAB Show, special sessions will be offered in the main theater, including presentations by HP, North Shore Automation, Spectra Logic, and The Bridge. Topics are available online including "Managing 4K Data Pipelines," "Securing Billions of Records for Decades to Come," and more, and the daily schedule will be available at the StorageDNA booth.

"Because of its unique features and advanced technologies, DNA Evolution systems are nearline repositories. Users can browse proxies, directly access files from LTO tape for operations like partial restores, have built-in media asset management functionality, and get fast access to and from the archive," said Joe Kelly, general manager, DAMsmart. "Ultimately, we will continue to have great success with DNA Evolution for customers who need secure, accessible, and usable archives."

The only solution with innovative "Smart" LTO technology, DNA Evolution 3.5 includes features such as Smart Access and Smart Conform, which are engineered to provide faster, simpler, and more reliable direct LTO workflows. Built into every DNA Evolution 3.5 solution, the robust MAM, with Smart Search, offers sharing and collaboration features of advanced MAM solutions.

Key features of DNA Evolution 3.5 include:

  • Fully-integrated MAM: Native clip support for over 180 formats, an HTML-5 player for low-resolution previews, timeline notes, and Smart Search which provides powerful global metadata search for quickly and accurately locating data to repurpose and monetize.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: With its easy-to-use web-based interface, local and remote users can easily search, find, review, and collaborate for an efficient approvals workflow.
  • Smart Conform: A unique LTO conform engine helps save storage costs by simplifying 4K workflows and reducing time-consuming conform processes.
  • Smart Access: By maximizing the "direct access" ability of LTFS, this technology allows native applications to directly access media from LTO tape for transcoding, partial restores, and playout. With Smart Access, LTO tape is no longer an offline storage medium and it saves the cost of expensive plug-ins.

The solution offers a dramatically more cost-effective infrastructure by combining nearline and archive directly on LTO tape, with long-term, reliable media protection, and speeds ten times faster than network-based solutions. Direct connect architecture avoids traditional network-based archiving and uses high-speed interconnects, like FC and SAS, for the fastest possible archive and restore speeds. In addition, DNA Evolution is the only solution that uses an open format to store all metadata (XML) and data (LTFS) ensuring completely open and future access to your content.

"The latest version of DNA Evolution brings even more value and innovation to our media and entertainment customers who face explosive data growth and need real solutions for data management and improved file-based workflows," said tC Chakravarty, CEO and president of StorageDNA. "By offering a full-featured LTO LTFS archiving solution with the built-in MAM and direct LTO workflow technology, we are truly able to help streamline and accelerate creative workflows and make the entire media pipeline more cost-effective."


Version 3.5 of DNA Evolution is expected to be available in the first half of 2014 and the Company is currently offering an archive bundle sales promotion. More information can be obtained online, in the StorageDNA booth, or by contacting

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StorageDNA helps media professionals store, protect, and manage digital file-based content so they can work more efficiently and lower storage costs. DNA Evolution is a full-featured LTO LTFS nearline, archive, and MAM solution that delivers long-term protection, the highest archive-restore performance, and direct LTO and conform workflows never before available. The revolutionary platform offers powerful search and browse features and makes archives more accessible for faster repurposing and monetization of content.

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