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How Elon Musk really feels about Tesla

How Elon Musk really feels about Tesla
How Elon Musk really feels about Tesla

Did the rapid run up in Tesla come as a surprise to CEO Elon Musk? Apparently, yes.

Musk was on Sunday night's episode of CBS' 60 Minutes and revealed his initial expectations for the company, saying he "didn't really think Tesla would be successful." At one point, he said he even thought the automaker "would most likely fail," but that the failure would "address the false perception that people have that an electric car had to be ugly and slow and boring like a golf cart."

So far, there has been nothing boring about the stock, which is up 980% since its 2010 IPO.

But how long will that run last?

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"This is an industrial company macerating as a tech darling," says John Stephenson of First Asset Investment Management. "Elon's own view is that it's going to be hard to make money. The company has ridiculous valuation, so you're looking at a company that is very hard to see how you can make your money back, if you get in now."

But Carter Worth of Sterne Agee says the recent sell-off—shares are down 17% in the past month—is a buying opportunity.

"Fundamentals almost don't matter in this instance," says Worth. "The current sell-off is weakness to take advantage of. We're down to a level where support comes into play. We would take advantage of this current one-month sell-off to add to positions, and one is not long at all, take advantage of the weakness to buy."

So, who is right? Check out the video and make the call.

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