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Cramer: Hated stocks getting some love again?

Cramer: Understand way money managers think

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Talk about a tempestuous affair. It looks like investors are again falling for stocks that they scorned just days ago.

"Both Celgene and Gilead rallied sharply on Tuesday," noted Jim Cramer, even though both of those stocks, along with many other good biotechs, finished the first quarter in the red.

Cramer finds the price action curious. After all, Tuesday was the first day of the new quarter.

Cramer says he can't help but wonder if some of the recent selling in Celgene and Gilead or was a kind of window dressing, in reverse.

That is, money managers didn't want to show their clients that they were holding decliners, so they sold these stocks despite the solid fundamentals.

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"Now, here's the thing: The quarter is over; the love affair may resume," Cramer said.

That is, funds that liked these stocks due to fundamentals can buy them again, because they won't need to show their positions for three more months.

And, because so many good stocks were sold off as the last quarter drew to a close, Cramer thinks the phenomenon could have legs.

"I can even see analysts who cover cloud names and biotechs, analysts who've been in their bunkers for the last month, emerge and upgrade these stocks," Cramer said.

In fact, the upgrade cycle may have already begun.

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"On Tuesday, RW Baird came out and added Celgene to their focus list. It wouldn't surprise me if tomorrow Goldman Sachs did something similar," said Cramer.

In other words, it's entirely possible that the Street's love affair with these stocks resumes now that the calendar reads April.

Wall Street can be a fickle place. And love can be a fickle thing. But if money managers are looking to reignite their interest in good cloud companies and solid biotech firms, Cramer hopes, this time, the relationship lasts.

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