Morning six-pack: What we're reading Tuesday

Mary Barra
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Mary Barra

Happy Friday! Got you. Ha ha. ha. Today's only Monday, but it is April 1 and you know what that means ...

OK, so it's really Tuesday. Don't be a fool: Today's the day that Madison Avenue likes to roll out all kinds of silly, fake ad campaigns. (New York Times)

Bailed-out automaker General Motors will have its highest-level officials testifying before Congress on Tuesday to explain why the company was so lax in responding to defects that led to at least 12 deaths. (USA Today)

Elsewhere in government, some hearing-impaired residents in California looking for information on Obamacare instead got patched through to a phone-sex line. (CBS Sacramento)

You know what's worse than too much inflation? Too little inflation, especially when global central banks have printed trillions of dollars to get their respective economies moving again. (Wall Street Journal)

All this time we spend tweeting and liking and otherwise jamming on social media: Is it really worth it? Maybe. (The Economist)

And finally ... signing up people for Obamacare can get pretty expensive, especially in Hawaii and some other states that have spent tons of money to register folks for the national health plan.'s Dan Mangan has the details.