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Cramer: Why SEC won't crack down on HFT

Cramer: HFT a pest to Wall Street

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There's been a lot of talk lately about high-frequency trading, both good and bad.

Although Jim Cramer believes that individual investors can generate better returns than the pros, even pros involved in high frequency trading, he doesn't like the practice of high-frequency trading, in the least.

In fact, Cramer compares high-frequency traders to mosquitoes. "There is no positive case to be made for mosquitoes," he said in his explanation of the analogy.

But even if they are a blight on humanity, as Cramer alleges, the "Mad Money" host also doesn't expect the Securities and Exchange Commission to crack down on high-frequency trading anytime soon.

Although nobody knows exactly what's being said privately inside the SEC, Cramer has come up with three reasons why he thinks the SEC hasn't come out against so-called HFT.

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"One is that, somehow, they believe high-frequency trading fulfills a function, " he said. Advocates of high-frequency trading contend it provides liquidity as well as lowered costs and tightened spreads.

"Second is that the SEC just doesn't think it matters," Cramer added. Of course, due to the firestorm generated by the new book "Flash Boys, " by Michael Lewis, that theory may no longer hold water.

"Finally, there's the possibility that the SEC thinks there shouldn't be an expectation of total fairness in the market," Cramer added.

That's not to say high-frequency traders are above the law; they're not. There's nothing illegal about high-frequency trading.

Cramer is simply wondering if the SEC feels high-frequency trading is more of an industry issue that doesn't have significant impact on most individual investors, and therefore isn't worthy of the time or money needed to address the issue.

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He says that the bottom line is that the issue won't be resolved anytime soon.

"I don't believe that anyone will eradicate the high-frequency mosquito because no one in authority seems to think it's necessary. But don't ask me to like it and definitely don't tell me that it's good for me."

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