For sale. Used smartwatches. Very, very cheap

Pebble Steel smartwatches.
Source: Pebble

Here's more evidence the wearables revolution is as much hype as substance—at least so far.

Research published by Endeavour Partners (and reported in The Guardian), shows roughly one third of the people who buy—or are given for free—a smartwatch abandon them within six months.

Next from Apple: A pedometer that never misses steps?

Are people not ready for wearables yet? Is it just that they're too clunky, or that no one has developed the must-have "killer app" yet?

Whatever the answer, or answers, on observation in The Guardian story ought to make boosters rethink their sales pitch:

A quick search on eBay for "Galaxy Gear" (excluding the words "protector" and "seal" which are used to sell add-ons) turns up nearly 900 results, of which this one, chosen at random, is typical: "I got it free with my Galaxy Note 3 and do not want this."