Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation Announces Election of Directors

TORONTO, April 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation (TSX:AI) (TSX:AI.DB) (TSX:AI.DB.A) today announced that at its annual meeting of shareholders, held in Toronto earlier today, each of the seven director nominees listed in its management information circular dated February 27, 2014 was elected as a director of Atrium. Directors have been elected to serve until the close of the next annual meeting of shareholders. The detailed results of the vote for the election of directors of Atrium is set out below:

Nominee Votes For % Votes For Votes Withheld % Votes Withheld
Peter P. Cohos 6,029,093 99.85% 9,251 0.15%
Michael J. Cooper 5,297,748 87.74% 740,596 12.26%
Robert H. DeGasperis 5,293,198 87.66% 745,146 12.34%
Robert G. Goodall 6,036,724 99.97% 1,620 0.03%
Nancy H.O. Lockhart 6,036,724 99.97% 1,620 0.03%
David M. Prussky 6,034,468 99.94% 3,876 0.06%
Mark L. Silver 6,043,218 99.96% 2,126 0.04%
*As a vote for each motion was taken by a show of hands, the number of votes disclosed reflects only those proxies received by management in advance of the meeting.

About Atrium

As a mortgage investment corporation, Atrium is a non-bank provider of residential and commercial mortgages that lends in major urban centres in Canada where the stability and liquidity of real estate are high. Atrium's objectives are to provide its shareholders with stable and secure dividends and preserve shareholders' equity by lending within conservative risk parameters.

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Source:Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation