Bulldog Gameplan(TM) Software Gives Boost(TM) to Enterprise Marketing Plans

AUSTIN, Texas, April 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bulldog Solutions, a marketing technology company for BtoB enterprises, unveiled Boost™, a new intelligent marketing mix optimization module of Bulldog Gameplan™, a SaaS-based enterprise marketing planning application. Boost™ helps marketing leaders benchmark their marketing plan performance and then recommends specific improvements to drive additional revenue.

Once a marketing plan is loaded into Gameplan™, marketing leaders leverage Boost™ to view how their planned programs measure up to industry conversion and velocity benchmarks. Boost™ provides intelligent recommendations on how to realign marketing mix to maximize plan performance and then updates the performance projections of the plan against stated pipeline and revenue goals. Marketing leaders are encouraged to use Boost™ iteratively to determine the best possible marketing plan for a specified period of time.

"The model behind Boost™ is based on proprietary algorithms generated from more than a decade of executing marketing campaigns for enterprise clients," said Darin Hicks, CEO of Bulldog Solutions.

By leveraging Boost™ marketing leaders can:

* Accelerate conversions through all stages of their demand waterfall
* Optimize their marketing mix to focus on the most impactful tactics
* Maximize and defend their budget by focusing on programs that deliver the highest returns
* Create a dynamic marketing plan through continuous learning and industry benchmarking

"Traditional approaches to marketing planning can reinforce the process as either a static or haphazard activity, which degrades marketing performance," Hicks added. "The beauty of Gameplan™ and Boost™ is that it helps marketing leaders build dynamic planning and collaboration into the fabric of their organizations. We are confident that Gameplan™ will provide CMOs and marketing leaders with the best marketing plan they've ever had."

For more information about Gameplan™ and Boost™, visit website: http://www.bulldogsolutions.com/gameplan

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