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LENEXA, Kan., April 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mediware Information Systems, Inc., announces the release of clinical and operational enhancements to its market-leading, rehabilitation software product, MediLinks. These software enhancements give outpatient providers increased control of Therapy Cap and Manual Medical Review (MMR) compliance. Providers can now use the MediLinks software to track MPPR adjustments to billed charges and Therapy Cap and MMR reimbursement thresholds.

"Now that Congress has modified SGR formulas for the Medicare physician payment schedule and extended Therapy Cap provisions for Outpatient therapy services, we want to give providers the best tools to help ensure the delivery of outstanding patient care and proper reimbursement," said Stuart Foster, GM, Mediware Rehabilitation and Respiratory Care division. "These new software features will make reimbursement information more transparent for business leaders and clinical experts at rehabilitation centers."

The MediLinks software permits providers to model the expected reimbursement from Medicare and account for the additional reductions imposed by the MPPR policy. An improved authorization module keeps track of the different categories of reimbursement that impact billing. Mediware's outpatient rehabilitation software proactively notifies users when specific actions are required, and these notifications can be customized to implement organizational policies.

Mediware will showcase these features in a webinar in April 2014. The presentation will focus specifically on workflows related to the Therapy Cap and MMR requirements while accommodating MPPR reductions. Mediware clinical experts have also provided extensive insight on the Therapy Cap, MMR and MPPR on the Mediware outpatient rehabilitation blog. For a personal demonstration of how Mediware tracks and manages OP Therapy Caps and MPPR, contact Mediware.

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