Photo Release -- AirWatch Corporation to Enhance Aircraft Security

Real-time Tracking
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SAN ANTONIO, Texas, April 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The e-Watch Group announced the formation of a new company, AirWatch Corporation.

Real-time Tracking of Aircraft Position and Condition

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The AirWatch mission is to commercialize on-board airline surveillance and security technology that has been pioneered by the e-Watch Group companies.

The AirWatch™ product line utilizes transportation surveillance technology developed by the Group and first tested on FAA aircraft in 2003. That technology allows for in-flight:

  • video surveillance of areas inside and outside of an aircraft
  • wireless monitoring of video by Air Marshalls using tablets
  • a comprehensive alert system utilizing:
    -- crew-worn wireless panic buttons
    -- a network of safety sensors throughout the aircraft
    -- software that detects off-course conditions
    -- software and sensors that detect violent maneuvers
    -- integration of conventional aircraft warning systems

In the event of alarm conditions above, live or recorded video and data can be streamed to ground stations for review. In this manner, abnormal conditions on board an airliner can be relayed to the ground and analyzed immediately to facilitate real-time or forensic analysis of emergency conditions.

David Monroe, CEO of the e-Watch Group, said, "The cost of search-and-rescue, salvage and investigations for airline incidents has cost the public and private companies hundreds of millions of dollars. The cost of the current Malaysia Airlines Fight 370 search is already huge and mounting. But the cost in human suffering to the families and friends of the passengers and crew, by not knowing the true location of the airliner and what happened to their loved ones, is immeasurable.

"The investment to outfit airline fleets to collect and communicate surveillance and tracking data to answer fundamental questions surrounding airline disasters is less costly than past expenditures for searches and investigations of major airline accidents. The benefit to families and improved long-term safety of air travel is invaluable."

About the e-Watch Group

e-Watch Group companies are focused on surveillance, situational awareness and security technology.

MetroWatch™ is consolidated video surveillance system that is being deployed by Government entities to provide wide area surveillance and video integration with 911 emergency call centers.

PowerSurveillance™ is smart-grid security and surveillance system is designed to assist utilities in reducing their maintenance and physical security costs while better securing their critical infrastructure from vandalism and attack.


Source:AirWatch Corporation