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HOUSTON, April 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EcoStim Energy Solutions, Inc. ("EcoStim" or "the Company"), (OTCQB:ESES) announced that Mr. Darío Andrés Díaz, Mayor of Añelo, visited its head offices in Houston on Thursday as part of his visit to the US. The primary purpose of his trip was to learn more about the impact of unconventional oil & gas development in various cities and towns in the US.

Miguel Di Vincenzo, VP of Sales and Technology, and Mark Stevenson, VP of Marketing, presented Mr. Díaz with an overview of EcoStim's technologies. The presentation demonstrated that through a unique combination of engineering, geology and geophysics, and environmental science, it is possible to significantly reduce the water usage as well as the horsepower required to stimulate unconventional wells. All of this can be done, while still improving efficiency.

Bobby Chapman, COO, who was in Argentina to coordinate the start of EcoStim's first stimulation contract in Neuquén; Martín Pons, Manager of Engineering based in Neuquén; Oscar Boch, Manager of Logistic based in Neuquén and Yanina Merino, Administration and Human Resources (HR) Manager for Neuquén all participated by video conference, presenting Mr. Díaz with EcoStim's health, safety and environmental (HSE) operational procedures, as well as HR policies, designed not only to enhance efficiency but also to respect the environment of the local communities.

At the end of the visit Mayor Díaz commented, "During the last seven days, I met with many investors interested in the opportunities created by the Vaca Muerta shale play. I met with oil companies with significant knowledge in unconventional. I also met with government authorities of cities impacted by the development of unconventional. One of the many things I learned from these meetings is the amazing similarity between the challenges and opportunities we are facing in Neuquén compared to those experienced in the US. Today is my last day in the US and while I am very happy with the level of interest and excitement I found in everyone regarding the potential of the unconventional resources in Neuquén, I am also very conscious about the increasing challenges we face to minimize the impact on the infrastructure, the usage of water, and our responsibility to manage the impact on local communities in order to avoid social problems. I visited EcoStim because I had heard about their unique approach of combining optimum operational practices with the highest HSE standards. After spending more time with them, it is clear to me that EcoStim is not just a name but also a culture. I am extremely happy to have EcoStim working in our province."

Chris Boswell, CEO and President of EcoStim, commented, "It was very educational for us to understand firsthand the perspective of the people that live in the places in which we operate and it is wonderful that Mayor Díaz supports our vision. We are also very thankful to companies like GyP, YPF, Wintershall, Exxon, Medanito, Pan American, Shell and many others that have encouraged us to take this challenge in exploring a unique approach to unconventional, which can benefit not only the oil and gas operators, but also the local communities."

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Eco-Stim Energy Solutions is an environmentally focused oilfield service and technology company providing proprietary field management technologies and well stimulation and completion services to oil and gas producers drilling in the rapidly expanding international unconventional shale market. Eco-Stim's proprietary methodology and technology offers the potential to decrease the number of stages stimulated in shale plays through a unique process that predicts high probability production zones while confirming those production zones using the latest generation down-hole diagnostic tools. In addition, Eco-Stim offers its clients completion techniques that can dramatically reduce horsepower requirements, emissions, surface footprint and water usage. Eco-Stim seeks to deliver well completion services with better technology, better ecology and significantly improved economics for unconventional oil and gas producers worldwide.

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