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Tech-savvy gadgets that cover all your safety bases

Tech Yeah! Safety gadgets

From burglars to harmful UV rays, a multitude of tech-savvy gadgets are aimed at keeping people safe in more ways than one, according to one tech expert.

Canary, a home security device that works with a mobile app, tracks motion, temperature, air quality, vibration, sound and activity, said Jesse Draper, CEO of the Valley Girl Show.

That item, for $199, will send an alert to the user's mobile phone when it detects unusual movement.

Although the Canary is cheaper than most home security gadgets, it will still have to compete against them, including the new Archos smart camera, Draper said.

Draper also noted the Zoombak GPS Locator, a multiuse device to help track the user's children or pet.

That device, for about $80, can be put in a car, on a pet's collar or in a child's pocket. Users can set personalized safety zones through the mobile app and can have their mobile devices alert them via text message or email when the Zoombak leaves or enters a safety zone.

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