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HFT debate: Brad Katsuyama vs. William O'Brien

The confrontation between IEX's Brad Katsuyama and BATS Global Markets President William O'Brien at the New York Stock Exchange finally brought an issue that's plagued Wall Street for years to light.

Triggered by Michael Lewis's "Flash Boys," the argument (which you might not even realize included Michael Lewis because Katsuyama and O'Brien went at it) was riveting for many of us traders who knew something was up with the markets. We knew someone was stealing from us — but who?

Maybe I'm biased because Katsuyama figured out the answer to that question, but I say the title belt goes to Katsuyama.

Of course, this really wasn't a fair fight because Katsuyama had his own personal trainer in Michael Lewis. Rooting against him would be like wanting Rocky to lose. Not gonna happen.

Decision: Katsuyama