When your kids have private-jet envy

Growing up in a rich town these days can give kids a twisted view of economic reality.

Consider private jets in Aspen. According to an article on the site Aspen Journalism, real estate broker B.J. Adams said some local kids are using their families' private jets to travel to soccer games in nearby towns.

"That can be kind of a messy situation," she said.

I can just imagine. "Mommy, our team is playing (130 miles away) in Grand Junction tomorrow. Why do I always have to take our crummy Escalade with our driver? Can't we take a Gulfstream like Jimmy?"

But the article says wealth also has its drawbacks for kids in Aspen. When the mother of a music student decided to give money for scholarships, she decided to make the gift anonymously so as not to embarrass her child.

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"Because her kid was in the program, she didn't want to be seen as Daddy Warbucks," said Alan Fletcher , director of the Aspen Music Festival and School.

"If you are going to try to live in Aspen, you are going to encounter this income disparity, which either you learn how to navigate or you don't," Fletcher said.

Or you could simply ask Jimmy for a ride to the next game.

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