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What's next for Amazon stock: Dan Niles

Playing tech's tumble

There's probably more pain ahead for, AlphaOne's Dan Niles said Monday after the online retailer's stock slipped 1.62 percent.

"When you've got revenue growth that's decelerating and the fact that they've raised their Prime membership prices tells me that they are having to focus on profit more, because the revenue growth isn't quite where it should be," he said on CNBC's "Fast Money."

Shares of slipped along with the rest of the on Monday, ending the day about 2 percent.

The stock garnered little excitement with the announcement of its Amazon Dash wand today, and last week the online retailer failed to impress investors with the launch of Fire TV, a television streaming device.

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Amazon stock, which ended the day at $317.76 per share, is down 20 percent so far this year.