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Relax, it’s FedEx…runaway delivery van!

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Think your day at work couldn't have been any worse?

Footage caught on a home security camera in Columbia, Tennessee, shows a FedEx employee regretting he set his alarm clock.

At first glance, the scene is nothing out the ordinary: a FedEx delivery van turns into a quiet street, exciting the neighbours' dogs before disappearing from the shot.

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But a few seconds later, the dogs watch bemused as the van moves backwards…with its driver running beside it.

The delivery man soon gives up on trying to stop the van, picks up his fallen hat and watches as the van continues to roll down the road, narrowly avoiding a tree and a house.

The vehicle's side door, side panel and rear door suffered some damage, as the open driver's door caught a tree and the van finished its course in a wooden fence, but no one was injured.

CNBC reached out to FedEx and in a emailed one-line statement, the global delivery giant wrote: "while this video shows an unfortunate situation for the driver, safety is our top priority and we are relieved no one was hurt."

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