Biggest billionaire losers of the market's slide

Billionaire losers: Volatility of tech wealth
Billionaire losers: Volatility of tech wealth

Mark Zuckerberg is offering the world a lesson in the new volatility of tech wealth.

The billionaire Facebook chief saw his wealth soar to just under $20 billion after Facebook's IPO. When the stock fell in 2012, his paper net worth fell by more than $9 billion. Facebook's resurgence last year added back more than $10 billion, bringing his net worth to above $20 billion.

In recent weeks, however, the Zuckerberg roller coaster is taking another dive. An analysis of stock wealth losses show that Zuckerberg is one of the biggest losers in the latest downturn in tech and momentum stocks.

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer and co-founder of Facebook.
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His net worth has fallen by $4.6 billion since March 4, when the S&P reached its peak. No need to break out the microscopic violins, since he's still got $25 billion. But even Mark will probably notice his balance sheet is a little lighter.

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Among the other largest billionaire losers is Jeff Bezos. The value of his shares in Amazon has fallen by $3.4 billion since March 4. Again, that's chump change compared with his net worth of $29 billion. But hey, the new Washington Post owner could have bought just about every other surviving newspaper in America with that cash.

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Here is a list of some of the top billionaire losers in the latest stock market slide, with the estimated amount each lost since March 4:

Mark Zuckerberg—CEO, co-founder Facebook—$4.6 billion

Jeff Bezos—founder, CEO Amazon—$3.4 billion

Larry Page—co-founder, CEO Google—$1.28 billion

Sergey Brin—co-founder, Google—$1.25 billion

Evan Williams—co-founder Twitter—$668 million

Reed Hastings—co-founder, CEO Netflix—$269 million

—By CNBC's Robert Frank