CFR Offers Tips on Selecting a Professional Carpet Cleaner

CHICAGO, April 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Typically, homeowners and property managers delay carpet cleaning during the winter months because of adverse weather. But with warmer weather hopefully around the corner, carpet cleaning companies will be receiving lots of calls from people asking for this service.

However, before any carpet cleaning is performed, Doug Berjer, regional sales manager for CFR (continuous flow recycling) carpet extractors, suggests that homeowners and property managers use a bit of "due diligence" when selecting a professional carpet cleaning technician.

"There are many excellent [carpet cleaning] companies," says Berjer. "Selecting the right company not only helps keep your carpets looking like new, but extends their lifespan as well."

Berjer offers the following tips on selecting a professional carpet cleaner:

  • Referrals from a friend or associate are still one of the best ways to find a professional carpet cleaning technician.
  • Ask if the technician is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC); this nonprofit organization trains technicians in carpet cleaning "best practices." (Some carpet manufacturers now even require that their carpets be cleaned only by IICRC-certified technicians).
  • Verify that the technician uses state-of-the-art cleaning tools and equipment; "Some new carpet extractors are much more sustainable than older models with a reduced impact on the environment," adds Berjer. "Further, they have proven very effective and get the job done faster."
  • The technician should be insured; "Insurance serves two purposes," says Berjer. "It protects the property owner should something be damaged...but it can also help ensure you are dealing with a reputable technician."
  • Finally, all services and charges should be in writing and guaranteed for a reasonable length of time.

Berjer adds, "Ask if the technician grooms the carpet after cleaning. Grooming lifts carpet fibers so carpets dry faster and can improve the appearance of the carpet when dry."

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