HudsonMOD Exclusive! Jennie Enterprise, founder of Manhattan's Elite CORE: club featured on the Cover of the April/May Issue

NEW YORK, April 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HudsonMod, the premier luxury lifestyle magazine for wealthy Northern New Jersey and Manhattan readers, continues to expand its strong presence in the region's high-income community with an exclusive cover story featuring the founder of the most powerful and exclusive business club in Manhattan: Jennie Enterprise. Her "CORE: club" has established itself as a game changer in the affluent membership club world of NYC with its forward thinking, innovative and pro-business networking ethos, and the club has risen to quick prominence in the city after breaking ground in 2002 behind the savvy thinking and acumen of its founder.

HudsonMOD not only features the beautiful and brilliant Ms. Enterprise on the cover in a shot taken by the renowned photographer, Brook Pifer, in the Library of the club, but also delves into the club's beginnings and the future expansion ideas in an exclusive 4-page cover story written by the magazine's Senior Editor, Simon Murray.

Ty Sawyer, HudsonMod's Editor-in-Chief, effused: "What I love about featuring someone like Jennie on our cover is she and her CORE: club has the same kind of Life Well Lived maxim as our magazine. The club she built is a place to connect, to expand business, be a catalyst and explore new ideas. It reflects today's fast moving, open and even surprisingly casual business climate, where interesting connections put tomorrow's ideas to flight. No stuffy rules at CORE:. The energy in the building is palpable and exciting. Plus, her personal story will inspire readers of all types."

"With such a stylish leader as Jennie, we're able to really showcase our Fashion + Shelter Issue with someone relevant and inspiring from our professional community in an environment designed to stimulate ideas," added the publisher and president of MOD Media, Shannon Steitz. "Our affluent readers represent the top influencers in the region, and what better way to celebrate their successes than to feature one of their own on the most important page in our magazine."

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